Nord Lommerse Flower Bulbs

is a flower bulb preparation company with an affiliated nursery and breeding department. We focus on a worldwide delivery of high quality, mostly on date programmed flower bulbs for a professional cut flower- and pot plant producer. Product guidance in the form of cultivation support is our basis for a long-term relationship with a satisfied customer.

It is our ambition to maintain our present position as a big supplier of programmed flower bulbs and to enlarge it were possible. Our aim is to be a valued partner with respect to quality, reliability, support and flexibility.

Feel welcome on 13-15 March 2024 at the sixth Tulip Trade Event! It promises to be a very striking event in 2024 with the spotlights turned on tulips again. Naturally, all the involved parties are continuing to work hard behind the scenes until then on the further development and availability of their assortment.

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