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The Tulip Trade Event: the promotional platform for the tulip sector from 2017, one of the Netherlands' most successful export products will get its very own promotional experience: the Tulip Trade Event.

For four days visitors, and particularly those from abroad, will be warmly welcomed at the various exporting companies. Within a short timeframe, business partners will acquire clear insight into the assortments available. A superb occasion that will allow the Tulip Trade Event to promote, underpin and strengthen the export position of the Dutch tulip.
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August 2012

We are proud to present our Lily Book.
In this Lily Book you will find about 400 Lily varieties, divided in several groups.
The statics like, height, days to grow and number of buds per bulb size are also mentioned.
January 2012
In the first months of this years we realised a new poster with tulips, which we can deliver. We got much compliments about this nice poster, which has a very big size, very nice for your firm to put on the wall.

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